LaCie Digital Storage Solutions
Leading manufacturer of storage devices for PC, Apple, and Linux.

Mobile Drive

Mobile Drive

  • Offers up to 5TB of massive on-the-go space
  • Reversible USB-C cable for ultra-fast transfers with USB 3.1 Gen2 or Thunderbolt™ 3 computers.
  • USB 3.0 to USB-C cable for legacy laptops.
  • Available in Moon Silver or Spay Grey

Rugged SSD Pro

Rugged SSD Pro
  • Sprint ahead with Thunderbolt 3 SSD speeds of up to 2800MB/s
  • Use it seamlessly with USB 3.1 Gen 2 devices
  • Trek anywhere with 3-meter drop and two-ton car crush resistance

Rugged SSD

Rugged SSD
  • Transfer and edit RAW 4K video with speeds of up to 950MB/s
  • USB Type-C interface is universally compatible
  • Enjoy extreme ruggedness with an IP67 waterproof rating


rugged Secure
  • Armor for Your Data
  • Always Tough. Protect Your Data.
  • AES-256 hardware encryption

Rugged RAID Shuttle

Rugged RAID Shuttle
  • Get 8TB of massive capacity in an easy-to-pack flat Rugged® design
  • Drop, rain, crush, and dust resistant
  • Raid 0 for more speed/space. RAID 1 for redundancy

Rugged RAID Pro

Rugged RAID Pro
  • Hardware RAID 0/1 flexibility for speed or redundancy
  • New USB-C connector for next-generation computers
  • Shock, dust, and water resistance for all-terrain use

Rugged Boss SSD

Rugged Boss SSD
  • Transfer files fast with speeds of up to 400MB/s
  • Copy files directly via built-in SD card reader and USB port
  • View and manage files on iOS and Android devices using the LaCie BOSS app

Rugged USB-C

rugged usb-c
  • Reliable. Fast. Versatile.
  • Future Proof. Always Tough.
  • Armor for Your Data
  • Drop-, crush-, and rain-resistant for all-terrain use

Rugged Mini

rugged mini
  • Maximum Reliability
  • The Speed of USB 3.0
  • LaCie Private-Public
  • User-friendly Software Suite Included

d2 Thunderbolt 3

d2 Thunderbolt 3
  • More Compatibility, Space, and Reliability. Less of Nothing
  • Power and Versatility
  • Fierce BarraCuda Pro Dependability
  • Solid Components. Solid Investment.

d2 Professional

d2 Professional
  • Sure Performance. Certain Reliability.
  • USB 3.1 (USB-C 5Gb/s) cable
  • USB 3.0 (USB-C to USB-A)
  • Thunderbolt 3

2big RAID

LaCie 2big RAID
  • Up to 28TB of desktop RAID storage
  • Transfer speeds of up to 440MB/s
  • 7200-RPM/64MB cache (or greater) IronWolf® Pro enterprise-class hard drives
  • Innovative design with 2-bay RAID for reliability

2big Dock Thunderbolt 3

2big Thunderbolt 3
  • DisplayPort: Connect to high-resolution 720p to 1080p or 4K displays
  • Transfer speeds of up to 490MB/s
  • RAID for Speed or Security
  • Innovative Design, Breakthrough Usability

5big Thunderbolt 2

5big Thunderbolt 2
  • Up to 1050MB/s speeds for 4K video editing
  • Hardware RAID 5/6 with hot swap
  • Dual Thunderbolt 2 ports for daisy chaining
  • Aluminum enclosure and whisper-quiet fan
  • Usability & Reliability for Professionals

6big Thunderbolt 3

6big Thunderbolt 3
  • Up to 96TB of capacity on your desktop, up to 1400MB/s speeds, and RAID 5/6
  • For your smartest workspace.
  • Tough. Ready. Scalable.

12big Thunderbolt 3

12big Thunderbolt 3
  • Compatible with Thunderbolt & Thunderbolt 2
  • For lightning-fast video workflows.
  • Get up to 168TB on your desktop—in the same footprint as an iPad Air®.


DJI Copilot - 2TB

DJI Copilot
  • Laptop Free. Carefree.
  • 3-year Rescue Data Recovery Services plan
  • 2000GB (2TB) stores over 60 hours of 4K video.
  • Drop resistant, splash resistant, dust resistant

Solid State Drives

Mobile SSD

Mobile SSD
  • Transfer an hour of video or thousands of high-res images in less than a minute.
  • Edit from the drive with zero lag
  • All-aluminum design is lightweight yet solid.

Portable SSD

Portable SSD
  • Edit straight from your external drive with speeds of up to 540MB/s
  • Edit multiple streams of 4K video
  • Collaborate on the spot by moving files fast between your drive and multiple computers

Professional SSD

Rugged SSD
  • Get a Boost on the Go
  • Level Up Your 4K Video Project
  • Harness 6K Video and Beyond
  • Back up and Preview on Set—Laptop Free